Slick Willy Clinton and Monica XXX rated One Million Dollar Bill details of the White House oral sex incident, Funny Joke!

Designed like the Government's new $20 and $50 bills...
Clinton and Monica X-
Rated $1,000,000 Bill!

Wow, that's really Monica with knee pads on
and a bag of Cuban Cigars!

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Newly issued bill is authentic in size, color, and looks and feels positively real. Designed like the Government's new $20 and $50 bills, but X-rated for loads of political laughs and conversation. Features Clinton and Monica on the front and the White House on the back.

With Monica in her notorious "stained" dress, wearing knee pads and carrying a bag of Cuban cigars, and the President in a compromising position holding a copy of the Ken Starr Report. Plus an array of humorous comments about politics and scandal. This Makes A Great Gift To Your Friends, Co-Workers or just about anyone who enjoys a good laugh!

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