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There is too much information and great stuff included with this disk to mention here. All we are saying is you'll be on the internet for days, even weeks learning all the knowledge of how to get Free Cable TV, hacking, cracking, free software passwords, free pornography, warez and much more!

*NOTE: This Hot New Revolutionary Forbidden Disk Of Secret Websites Software is sold for information, education and research purposes only.

FBI's secret files campusHere's A Short List Of Sites:

~ANONYMOUS SURFING - Allows you to surf the world wide web anonymously.
~ANONYMOUS EMAIL - Allows you to send anonymous email over the internet.
~ANARCHISTS PLANET - Large library of anarchists Bomb making information and files.
~CHAOSTIC HACKERS SITE - Numerous FREE hacking utilities, lock picking, illegal stuff.
~FAKE-ID KITS - Information and files for creating fake ID. Getting a fake ID and other hot stuff.
report stock tie slacks files BureauThese Underground Websites Contain Hundreds of Links To:

~UNDERGROUND SITES dealing with illegal software piracy. Get free full version software.
~C0SM0ST' UNDERGROUND - - Large collection of underground links and information. Sizzling HOT!
~FREE Full Version Games And Software...
~1000's Of FREE Newly Released MP3's!
~100's Of FREE Adult Porno XXX Movies!
~And Many More Info We Can't List Here!

Know everything there is to know about the Internet
underground and how you can protect yourself!

  • Send anonymous email
  • Visit illegal drug archives
  • Track anyone's newsgroup postings
  • Surf anonymously on the net
  • Learn how to protect your privacy at home and on the net
  • Check the Internet's better business bureau
  • Visit illegal software piracy sites
  • Visit anarchist sites (Loads of information files on just about anything)
  • Search criminal databases
  • Visit virus distribution and prevention sites
  • Search the underground bookstores & gather underground information
  • Find unusual products and spy related gadgets
  • And you'll find out Much, Much More!

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* Legal Disclaimer/Policy: The Forbidden Website Disk is sold as information/entertainment purposes only. This is a database of website addresses of resources to help you find the information listed above using the internet. You (the customer) are solely responsible for the information contained within this html based disk. Laws vary depending on the state, region, country, province, or territory you may live in. It is the buyer's responsibility to find out how these laws pertain to each person's individual location and situation. Use of this information is at the buyer's own risk! All sales are final! Because the Forbidden Website Disk can be copied, BooksAndGadgets.com reserves the right not to issue a refund. We will only replace the Forbidden Website Disk if it is defective.

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