Clinton / Monica Lewinsky X- Rated $1,000,000 - Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton Sex Dollar - Smoking Donkey Ass Cigarette Dispenser

Looks, Smells and Feels Like Real Money - Designed Like a $20.00 Bill
Hillary Clinton $3.00 Dollar Bill!
The Presidential First Lady is on a Roll... A Great conversation tool...
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Real Money Size. Real Money Color. You can't tell the difference, they even smell like real money! Every bill has many interesting comments such as "Health Scare Queen, Madame President, Madison Guaranty Note, E. Pluribus Coverups, and In Deceit We Trust" This three dollar bill makes a great collector items. Plus an many humorous comments about politics and scandal.

This Makes A Great Gift For Your Friends, Co-Workers or just about anyone who enjoys a good political laugh!

Order 1 Hill-Airy Clinton Three Dollar Bill: Only $2.95
SAVE - 5 Hill-Airy Clinton Three Dollar Bill: Only $7.95

Most orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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2008 presidential candidate three dollar bill of famous female republican, Hillary Clinton. Great for campaign gags.