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Did Someone Really Piss You Off? Don't Get Mad...
The Ultimate Dirty Guide
To Getting Sweet Revenge

Revenge Tactics, "Get Even" Techniques, Practical
Jokes, Gags, Down-Low Mischief, and Much More!

revenge scary fun lol rofl joke prank gag funny cartoon eyeball scared surprised road rage water gun shoot shooting ghost play playing upset mad furious fury cow, gorilla, elephant poop Embarrassing Bumper Sticker Butt Sex, Gay blackmail, murder, betrayalSo she dumped you. He said he would never cheat on you again. They would pay you back as soon as they got their paycheck. Boyfriend giving you problems? Your boss pissed you off?

Well, now it's time for payback. Just when they thought they were in the clear and they had pulled the wool over your eyes, The Ultimate Guide To Revenge steps up to the plate to offer you the last laugh.

Have you ever wanted REVENGE for something done to you? Maybe you were picked on in school by bullies, or perhaps you were scorned by an ex-love that really hurt you. If so then this is what you should do: FIGHT BACK!

sin desperation revenge mischief heartbreak forced labor student teacher boss mean spongebob star light wars saber xbox 360 psp ps3 playstation 3 pc disgusting burp dirty little prank slut bill thin gates pokemon fat women woman hot dog car crashes- Revenge against bullies.
- Revenge against neighbors.
- Revenge against ex-loves.
- Revenge against bosses.
- Revenge against teachers.
- Revenge against landlords.
- Revenge against co-workers (office rivalries/pranks).

teens playing kid shooting spider gun girl woman long hair brunette short hair man green pants funny cartoon ex wives wife girlfriend boyfriend husband married cheating cheater caught Dead Fish Oregon sexual threesome Adultry punish punishment Depression baseball unfaithful track villa hotel jamica scuba drain clean football hockey nascar lying liar hate affair lie dating guilty signs Ducks Basketball
Warning: This is published for entertainment only! We cannot be held
liable for any consequences or damages occurred by actually following
through with any of these practical jokes and revenge tactics...

The Use of these revenge tactics are at buyers own risk!

It's Really Fast, Extremely Easy, and... Private!

This Is An HTML Based Software Guide.
Just point and click to discover all the REVENGE
TACTICS, directly from your computer!

Your Computer System Requirements:
A Floppy Disk Drive and any Internet Browser

The Ultimate Guide To Revenge, Only Available On A Diskette
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