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Get Luxury Things At Bargain Prices Straight From Uncle Sam!

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Seized from criminals, drug traffickers, tax evaders, etc. Auctioned off for pennies of the dollar at Government Auctions and Police Auctions. That's right - BILLIONS. And most people don't know where or when these auctions are taking place!

Bargain prices for valuable assets like sports cars, color TV's, speedboats, luxury condos and more! Who gets all these fabulous treasures? Anyone can- at bargain prices, if they know how! You can buy these fantastic items practically free. This book tells it all ... what, when where and how you can get the bargain of a lifetime. This book tells you exactly where to write or call... and how to apply... so you can get your share of all these riches. It also tells you where to buy government surplus items (such as cars, boats, cameras, etc.) for a small or inconsiderable amount of money.

Updated Edition, Bound Paperback Book

Confiscated Seized Items By The Government, Paper Bound Book
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