Enter The Real World Of Espionage Spying
With This Powerful, Small Sound Amplifier!

- The Original and Ultra High-Technology
Secret Agent Listening Device -

hearing spy device for listening to peoples secrets Plugs into your ear spy equipment Sound Amplifiers Spy Ears Super Sonic Ear Bionic Ear and Surface MicrophonesDo you ever wonder if someone is talking about you? Now you can listen in without them knowing. The Cool New Spying Device, Listen To Secrets... new SPY EAR! You can hear up to 20 feet away with this sound amplifier.

It looks like an ordinary radio with a headset. Spy Ear is actually a powerful secret sound amplifier with a built-in highly sensitive microphone.

With this sound amplifier, you can now hear things crystal clear that you could never not before. Spy ear is very easy to use, just put the ear buds in your ears - aim the Spy Ear towards what you want to hear and listen-in. Spy Ear has adjustable volume control, which amplifies sound up to 50 decibels.

You can listen to conversations across a room, and gather all the gossip!! Spy ear is also great for watching TV late at night, while your spouse sleeps you can keep the sound on the TV way down and still hear clearly. Spy Ear makes a Great Birthday and Christmas gift for hours of fun.

Perfect for virtually all occasions from family gatherings to TV watching, to the movies, it can be used anytime, anywhere. Spy Ears Hearing Device is great for adults to spy and hear the couple in the next motel room going away at it, without them knowing...

spy spying voyeurIdeal for virtually all occasions!
surveillance equipment spyNever miss a word again!
spyear red burgandy checkmark checkSmall & Hi-tech item can be used anytime & anywhere and still go unnoticed!

You can even listen to their conversation, can be used anywhere in the house, even outside or while you are in the car listening to anything, nice little toy too... Lots of fun for children. Excellent hearing device for seniors.

Spy Ear: The Original Super iSPY007 Hearing Device
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*Spy Ear Packaging and color may vary with each order.
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