The learn how to build a 150" inch fresnal hdtv, flat screen lens projector television using your small 13-19 inch exisiting tv set.

The NEW Lens used to make a Projector TV!
Magnify Lens Used To Make A 100 inch
BIG SCREEN TV or Video Game Monitor!

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It's a magnifying lens measuring roughly 8 by 12 inches Constructed of acrylic type material. Work's great with 12-19 inch screen, although it will work with any size monitor or TV. With our NEW updated projection TV guide you will have no problem assembling your 100 Inch Video Projector. The results are truly Amazing!

TV Magnifying Projector Lens - $14.95 Each
How To Make A 100 Inch TV Projector Instruction Book - $11.95
*How To Make A 100 Inch TV Projector Book and Lens - $19.95
All orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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