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How To Make A 150 inch
Bigscreen TV for $9.95

Works great with DVD Movies, XBox®, Playstation®, and Nintendo™. Watch
football, basketball, any sport games on your Homemade Big Screen TV

turn your hdtv, lcd, plasma or dlp tv into a big screen television monitordon't buy a HDTV, lcd, plasma and dlp tvA secret little book that many electronic companies don't want you to know about!!

Let us introduce to you the Ultimate Cinema TV Kit. This revolutionary new product will help you save thousands, by letting you assemble your very own projector for less than a trip to the movies. Imagine yourself sitting back, relaxing with your favorite beverage, and enjoying the big screen home theater you have always wanted ... you and a bunch of friends watching king-size sports action ... you and one special friend watching your favorite movies in your own private theater. The huge, 150-inch big screen image brings everything closer. Your favorite stars are larger than life.

Your are there with sports like football, basketball, and baseball. And once you have played the latest video games like XBox®, Playstation2®, and GameCube™ on your own humongous Big screen TV, you will never want to go back.

You can convert any size TV, including computer monitors up to 50 inches to 150 inches! Using household materials and about one hour, you will construct a projector box like the one shown below. It's really quite simple to build and virtually anyone can build the projector. You then place the projector in front of your existing TV. The projector box then magnifies your TV image and projects it onto your wall. This is similar to a movie theater projector, in that it sits away from your wall or screen and projects toward it!

Why Pay Thousands For A Bigscreen TV when you can make one?
Don't be fooled by "COPY-CAT SITES", we are the real deal!

learn how to make your own home theatre movie screen projector

Look at all these things you can Use this New Big Screen TV for:
- Works great with DVD & VHS movies. Just like a movie theater in your home.
- Works great for video games: Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Dreamcast, etc...
- Works great with computer monitors
- Awesome for TV. Watch your favorite shows on a 100" big screen TV!
- Great for Watch football, basketball, boxing, any sporting events on your big screen.

How easy is it to build?
- It is simple. The step-by-step instructions and the diagram are easy to follow. These Instructions and the Special Lens you need will work with ANY TV or monitor. If you choose to, you can order a LENS from us. Just click here to check it out.

Do I need to tear apart my TV Or Computer Monitor?
- No. Your TV or Computer Monitor are not harmed in any way.

What else do I need to build the projector?
- Not much. These instructions tell you everything, plus diagrams are included.

What size of TV or computer monitor should I use?
- As per directions, using a 13" - 19" TV. But any size of TV will work. This device will not cause and Damage to your tv or monitor! Also, It does not have to be 100" You can make it any size up to 100".

Is the system compatible with PAL, NTSC, HDTV etc.?
The video projection system will work with all format signals in all countries. Will even work with new HDTV signal !

Will it work for satellite or cable TV?
Yes, your projector will work with cable, satellite, VCR, DVD, Video games, or any other signal you receive.

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price! Now is your chance to get this Easy to follow Plans & Specifications!
This Home Made TV Projector REALLY works!"

Order today and have your Giant Screen TV ready by next weekend!

How To Make A 100" BigScreen TV Instructions..... Price: $9.95
TV Magnifying Projector Lens Only......................... Price: $14.95
Save Both Items Above, Book and Lens Only....... Price: $19.95

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