This book tells you how much your coins are worth...
Do You Have A Coin
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You Could Be Filthy Rich With Your Pocket Change!
"There are Millions Of Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and
Quarters Out There Worth Up To $13,000-$37,000..."

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Check your coins! There are billions of U.S. coins in circulation... many of them are worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

This U.S.A. Coin Guide tells you which U.S. coins are valuable and tells you how much they are worth. It also tells you how to look for and find valuable coins and how to sell them for the best price.

An Essential Reference resource guide for beginners and longtime seekers alike of American Coins.

Updated Edition, Bound Paperback Book

The United States Coin Guide, Pocket Coins Worth Big Money
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Rare Coins Indian Gold Morgan Silver Dollar Half Dollars, buffalo Quarters, Dimes Saint Gaudens
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Find out how much a coin is worth, how coin catalog values are determined, and what influences coin market prices
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