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Do you enjoy talking on the phone? Are you well–organized?

Does your voice have a friendly, cheerful tone?

How To Make Money With A
Home Based Answering Machine

Do you need a few hundred extra dollars each week?
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If you answered “yes” to each of the four questions listed above, then you are a great candidate to pursue one of the most lucrative and easiest home–based businesses that exists today! It’s very inexpensive to set up and you’ll earn thousands of dollars each year without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Ironically, it’s the advancement in technology that’s creating this exciting opportunity. Fancy, complex phone–answering systems have left customers talking to computer generated voices, leaving messages on “voice mail” and pressing numerous telephone numbers to work their way through to conversing with an actual human being.

While these systems “free” people up from the phones in a business, they frequently frustrate clients and potential customers to the financial detriment of the firm. Unable to easily reach a human voice, many individuals simply go elsewhere for the services they need.

Fortunately for everyone, employers are recognizing this problem and solving it by contracting people like yourself to answer the phones when they can’t. That personal touch you can offer can mean the difference in obtaining or keeping a client. As a professional answering service business, you can take messages, deliver specific messages to callers, clarify the intent of calls and even arrange meetings with customers. This money-making guide will illustrate how you can set up this type of home–based answering service business. It’s your chance to talk— and earn money doing it!

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