Auctions includes art, collectibles, books, cars, computers, comics, real estate, houses, jewelry, movies, music, and games.

You can make a big profit through Federal Government sales
How to Buy Things for Pennies on the
Dollar at Auctions All Over The Country

Get many high demand items for an unbelievable price!
Your Guide to Luxury Items, Surplus, Seized and Forfeited Property

over stock auction federal government police auctioins amazon ebay yahoo auctioner state local city luxury wholesale foreclosure fore close real estate propertyYou've heard the stories before; people buying expensive equipment or vehicles for only pennies on the dollar. Now, you can learn how they do it. This breakthrough manual will give you all the information you need to get a great bargain on a huge variety of government sale items.

This book will show you how to bid, where to go, and where you'll find the deal you're looking for.

The secret is that the auction sales agencies does very little advertising! They are not in the marketing business. It is therefore difficult to know which agencies are selling unless a person is well informed. Many of these agencies will, upon request, place you on a regular mailing list of auctions. Often, with the notice, you'll receive a catalog of the items to be sold and approximately what time they'll be auctioned.

What is being sold, for pennies on the dollar at these auctions?
1. Homes, Cars, TVs, VCRs!
2. Boats, RVs, tents, binoculars!
3. Jewelry, Rare Coins, antiques!
4. Items acquired from drug raids such as Limos and Corvettes!
5. Office supplies such as Computers and Fax machines!
6. Key boards, printers, snow blowers.

You name it! From property seized by police officers or customs officials to repossessions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are thousands of items, of all types, available at rock-bottom prices. Whether you're merely buying for yourself or seeing this as a line of business that could make you a substantial profit, the key is to identify and locate these auctions.
How can you take advantage of these,
easy money making, opportunities?
Available now, is an insider's guidebook on auctions. This guidebook saves you countless hours because it lists more than many agencies that are currently holding sales and auctions. This multi-page guidebook includes all of the names, addresses and phone numbers of these agencies! You will also receive valuable tips, tricks and ideas for getting the most merchandise out of auctions, quickly, for the least amount of money!

There is an enormous amount of property sold at state and local auctions: cars, trucks, jeeps, boats, planes, furniture, tools, electronics -- all of which often sell for pennies on the dollar at auctions and surplus sales.


Make a Fortune by Buying Low at these auction sales and Selling High! Discover how to find items at pennies on the dollar at auction houses all over the country. Learn 8 incredible ways to sell these items at prices several time what you bought them for. You can make a fortune when you discover these proven secrets of "buying cheap, and selling high".

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surplus, seized, and forfeited property, including cars, boats, furniture, computers, phones, cameras, and radios.
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