Universal Signal Antenna Booster Chip for all Cellular Phones
The Internal Cell Phone Antenna
Booster For Clear Reception!

It's like having the power of a 4 foot antenna on your wireless...
Built with the Latest Technology, Compatible with All Mobile Devices!

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A Revolution in Wireless Reception and Clarity...
New Improved Technology - As Seen On TV!
Boost reception on all cell phones with this internal antenna!

"Obtain Stronger Signals in Parking Garages, Elevators,
Tunnels, Cars, Boats Almost Anywhere And Everywhere!"

Fed-Up With Static and Dropped Calls Interrupting Your Important Conversations? Finally, there is a low-cost, highly effective solution to the nations' cell phone reception problems. This fantastic product is one of the hottest selling new items on TV. The Internal Antenna Cell Phone Booster, is a new, ultra-thin antenna booster that dramatically reduces static and increases reception by up to 50% on ANY KIND of cell phone, cordless phones, pager or two-way radio. Just put it on and instantly see your phone's signal bars shoot straight up.

This Internal Cell Phone Booster Will Work with Any Wireless Service: Use with any service whether Sprint PCS/Nextel, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and more.

This incredible internal antenna booster works on any wireless electronics, All major brand, make and models.

Takes less than 1 minute to install!

This technology is so small, it hides behind your battery!

Don't Delay, order this must-have item for yourself and one for your love ones today...

Save Big by ordering higher quantities for volume discount prices!
1 Cell Phone Antenna Booster Only $6.95 ..............save over $15.00 off retail price
2 Cell Phone Antenna Booster Only $9.88 ..............save over $29.95 off retail price
3 Cell Phone Antenna Booster Only $13.49 ..........save over $44.00 off retail price
4 Cell Phone Antenna Booster Only $16.75 ..........save over $58.95 off retail price
Most orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.
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