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Humphrey the Horny
Humping Dog

Hilarious Dr. Fart

Novelty Gag

Remote Controlled
Fart Machine, You May
Die Laughing!

Red Devil Punching Puppet

Smoking Donkey Cigarette Despenser Novelty Gag Gift

Clinton and Monica X- Rated $1,000,000 Bill

Hilary Clinton $3.00
Sex Money

NEW Betty Boop Toon Town Novelty Drivers License Souvenir!

Marilyn Monroe ~ Sex Goddess Drivers License

Three Stooges Drivers License - Moe, Larry and Curly

James Dean HOT
Indiana novelty
collectors item!

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales Driver's License

Arnold Schwarzenegger "The Terminator" Drivers License

Silly Area 51 UFO Alien Driver's License

6ft HDMI Cable (for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, HDTV, LCD +more)

Okami Playstation 2 192 Page Strategy Guide by BradyGames

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hardcover Guide

The Love Spells Voodoo Doll Kit and Revenge Curse Book

How To Give A Woman Ultimate Oral Sex, Your Guide To The 9 G-Spots -Free Pics Included-

How To Give a Woman
an Orgasm Just by
Kissing Her

How To Give Your
Man The Ultimate
Oral Sex Today

Ancient Book of Love
Spells To Use On The
Girl Or Guy You Wish
To Love You

Over 350 Free Things That Kids Can Get For Free In The Mail

You Could Be Filthy Rich With The Coins In Your Pocket

1001 Free Stuff You Can Get For Kids and Adult

Hundreds Of Cool Free Stuff For All Die-Hard Sports Fans!

The Amazing Guide To Over 1,000 Things You Can Get For Free!

Mad Scientist Book of
Fun Science Projects
and Unique Formulas

How To Get Thousands of Celebrity Autographs & Photos for FREE

The Forbidden Disk
Of Secret Internet
Web sites!

How To Make A 100 inch Big Screen TV Video Projector Monitor

How To Build 20
Different Cable TV

How To Get FREE
Federal Government
Grants Money

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Revenge, Practical Jokes

The Amazing Internet Spy Tool-Kit Software

High-Tech Internal Cell Phone Antenna Booster
- As Seen On TV -

100 Inch TV Magnifying Projector Fresnel Lens

How To Build A Cable Descrambler In 7
Easy Steps

Variable Capacitor



Classic Wacky Disguises and Silly Gag Items
Get your Droopy Eye Glasses, Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch, Horrible belly bustin' Fake Billy Bob Teeth, German Itch Powder, Red Devil Fighting - Punching Puppet, Spy Ear, and more!

nerd glasses geek bottle cap smart halloween hottie nerdy stupid silly
Deluxe Thick Geek - Nerd Glasses

Perfect for Special Events, Theme Parties, Halloween, Office and School Gags, Fund Raiser or Any Special Events. Brand New, Hot Item!

Includes a Nerd Test on back of package!

Only $9.95 each

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pirate eye patch sword hat leg hook aargh talk like a pirates of the caribbean
The Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch with illustrated Package

Deluxe Black eye patch with a white elastic string.

Only $6.95 each

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listening device spy ear hearing aid ipod headphones head phone ear piece

The Spy Ear is a poweful sound amplifier with built-in high sensitive microphone. It will amplify sounds up to 40 decibels enabling you to hear sounds you can hardly hear with your bare ears.

Very easy to use, just put the ear buds in your ears and listen in. For better amplified sounds aim towards what you want to hear. Batteries are included plus 2 extra batteries.

Measures about two inches long, a little more than an inch wide. Comes in five colors picked randomly when shipped. Comes brand new in original packing shown.

Only $9.95 each
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billy bob buck teeth dirty tooth dentures missing dentist gum disease
Dirty Horrible Ugly BILLY BOB Buck Teeth

These billy bob buck style teeth are our newest and best style of fake teeth using the latest technology for a customized fit.

These world-class face changin chompers are called by many names: Hill Billy Teeth, Billy Bob Teeth, White Trash Teeth...even Bubba Teeth - No matter what you call 'em - we offer the coolest!

&hookup with the most realistic, finest quality teeth and disguises available. Perfect for everyday use - in traffic, at work, out on the town, reunions, weddings, family gatherings, first dates and anytime you feel like unleashing the freak within!

For men and women of all ages...

Only $9.95 each - Order Online - Order By Mail


sex sexy cute hot hottie romance romantic laughing retard noob newb newbie
The Funny Sex Card That Can Not Be Torn!

This looks like an ordinary card until you try to tear it.

Written on it is the phrase: If you're in the mood for sex keep this card and smile, if you're not in the mood Tear Up This Card.

We'll of course we all know where this is going, they cannot tear up the card so..Hilarious Fun with this no tear sex card.

10 for Only $6.95 - Order Online - Order By Mail

itch powder itching powder gag joke novelty german scratch gag jokes laughing april fools rick roll'd roll fresh prince of bell air
Itching Powder Prank! Make them itch like CRAZY HA-HA!!


Sprinkle a little bit of this stuff down someone's shirt and sit back and watch! You will be laughing so hard after you do this!

This stuff in unberably itchy, and will make your victim scratch and scratch.

It is sooo funny to watch them not be able to do anything but scratch. Hahaha, think about the possibilities...

Each packets is specially made to make anyone scratch without stopping. These are imported from Germany and are the best kind of itching powder around!

Only $9.95 each

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nerd glasses goofy droopy glasses eye wear sun beach contact lens lenses color wacky wierd stupid silly noobie newbie newb
Goofy Droopy Glasses

Instant Dork Technology!

Eyeballs attached to slinkies attached to eyeglasses.

Move your head and boiiiing! Your eyeballs fall out! Fits most adult and teen heads.

Only $9.95 each

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whoopee cushion whoopie cousin fart farting butt crack ass hole asshole scat doo doo
Classic Whoopee Cushion Farting Gag

Place this under a cushion, and when someone sits down, it lets out a humiliating Farting sound!

Perfect for parties, pranks, halloween, family gags, Christmas, Thangsgiving, etc...

Only $6.95 each

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itch powder itching powder gag joke novelty german scratch gag jokes laughing april fools rick roll'd roll fresh prince of bell air

Gag Lottery Tickets "Everyone Wins!" These are sooooo much fun at ANY EVENT!!!!

Watch their eyes light up as they think they have just won $5,000 to $50,000.

They look Exactly like the real lottery tickets you'd get from the stores. Just use a coin and scratch away!!!! And get ready to roll on the ground after they read the back of ticket and realize "it's a joke"! No one will ever be able to top your gag for years to come.

Great for Weddings/Receptions, Graduations, Birthday's, X-Mas, Any Ol' Occasion!!! Or just put one in a card and send it off!!!!!!

Save Big by ordering higher quantities for volume discount prices!
Order 6 Assorted Lotto Tickets .................Sale Price: $9.95
Order 12 Assorted Lotto Tickets .............Sale Price: $12.98
Order 20 Assorted Lotto Tickets .............Sale Price: $16.31
Order 30 Assorted Lotto Tickets .............Sale Price: $21.88
Order 45 Assorted Lotto Tickets .............Sale Price: $24.95

All Orders Are Shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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