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Writing simple greeting cards on a freelance basis is a creative way for ANYONE to make excellent full or part-time money. You can even turn this into your work from home employment. Getting started writing greeting cards on a freelance basis is not at all difficult. You don't have to possess a college degree, or live in New York.

Most of us enjoy getting greeting cards from time to time. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the birth of a baby, and other occasions mean even more to us when we are remembered by friends, relatives and colleagues.

A well written card can make a genuinely personal statement for any occasion. That's why greeting cards continue to be a sincere and effective means of communication. In fact, the demand for greeting cards is such that it is now a multi-billion dollar industry and still growing.

blonde woman reading valentine's day greeting card freelance writer funny heart shape red smile smiling teeth poetry creative writing Fiction contests paper college student female author soft cover hard paper back paperback pencil pen notebook homework school universityBesides the ever popular traditional greeting card messages, greeting card companies are constantly looking for fresh and innovative ideas and concepts. And although most companies employ staff writers and artists, the opportunity for freelance writers is very real and substantial. Many greeting card companies actually encourage freelance writers to submit a regular stream of card ideas. In some cases, extremely talented and prolific writers can write greeting cards full time and make a comfortable living.

Big name greeting card companies not only seek freelance greeting card writers, but also recruit regularly for a variety of positions in many disciplines: marketing, illustration, design, art direction, writing and editing, interactive and information technology, business analytics, sales, and finance to name a few.

education smart man writing book expensive pen tool african american stripe tie handsome black business suit good looking clean shave young educated martin luthur kind jr education Malcolm X Jackie Robinson portfolio Reading teacher teaching highschool college graduates funny Tuskegee  civil war t shirt This manual will offer information and suggestions about the greeting card industry and how to create and submit material that could earn you $150 or more per idea.

If you are a creative writer, enjoy writing, and are willing to follow specific company guidelines, you could soon be making good money doing something that is both fun and challenging.

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