115 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money With Your Home Computer

How To Turn Your Computer Into A
Money Generating Cash Machine

Earn An Income From Your PC, Many Employment Opportunities

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Work with your computer to make "Real" money each week...

Even though personal computers have been around for several years, the market is still growing in many areas. With some imagination and initiative, you can join the thousands of entrepreneurs who are using computers to make money in such businesses as word processing, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, and computer training or sales.

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You do not need to be a computer genius to do
this. With a little work, it's very easy to do!

Most people use their computer to do simple tasks, such as their taxes. Or they buy a word processor so their children can write term papers and get better grades in school. Very few people realize that their computers can make them money as well as fulfilling all of these other functions. If your computer is taking up desk space but not bringing you any extra income, it's time for you to put that machine to work for you. Of course, the logical question is "How can my computer make money for me?" Computers are extremely versatile and can be programmed to do almost anything.
There are dozens of word processing programs on the market, and you should be able to master one in about five or six hours of practice. And,if you don't have a computer, don't worry. You can still cash in on this great business idea. Many computer companies make word processing machines which are like super typewriters, combining the functions of both typewriters and computers. Many different computer functions can be incorporated into a home-based business, but one of the easiest to master is the word processor.
This Money Making Work at Home Guide Covers:
- The Sure Fire Way To Make Money With Your Computer
- 115 Ways To Make Money With Your Personal Computer
- How To Start Your Own Profitable Home Based Computer Business
- How To Start Your Own Desktop Publishing Business
- How To Profit Form Distributing Public Domain and Shareware Software
- There's Gold Inside Your PC
- How To Turn Your PC Into A Profit Center
- How To Start Your Own Computer Consultant Business
- A Low Cost Marketing System Using Your Modem
- Electronic Advertising Service
- How To Start A Computerized Information Self Publishing Business
- Publishing Catalog on Disk Or CD-Rom
- Two Fantastic Ways To Make Extra Sales If You Sell Products On Disk

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The key to making money with your computer is knowing how and where to start. Without the right starting point you will waste precious time and a ton of money.

You can earn $1,000/month, $5,000/month,
$10,000/month or a whole lot more!

It's all up to you!

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