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Funny Practical Jokes, Tricks, Gags, Pranks, and Off-Beat Novelties!

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Fake Gag Lottery Tickets
Fool your Friends with Prank
Gag Scratch and Win Lotto Tickets

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Ultra High-Tech Secret
Agent Listening Device
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Classic Whoopee Cushion
A Real Bronx Cheer
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Goofy Droopy Eye Glasses

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The Funny Sex Card That Can Not Be Torn!
Give this card to any girl or guy and
watch them laugh their asses off!

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Thanks for checking out our fun collection of hilarious and outrageous pranks, practical jokes, and gag gifts. We are excited to offer the web's wackiest collection of funny novelties, gag gifts, and pranks. Need some good Poo?(Who doesn't? Deluxe or Econo?) How about some Mega Puke? (Now thatsa spicy meat balla!) Stink Perfume, Fake Cigarette Burns, Squirting Nickels, Pet Puke, Voice Changers, Funny Sounds. Golf Gags Galore! From The Original Remote controlled Fart Machine to Hillary Clinton Funny Money, we are the web's leading comedy retailer of fun! Get a couple of these things to trick your friends, impress your boss, bring a smile to your family members face, heck, even play a practical joke on your enemy...

The list is endless! (We like it like that... you can never have too much fun!!)

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