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Mortgage payments will be the single largest expense of your lifetime!

How To Save Up To $100,000 On
Your High Mortgage Payments

Save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage and pay it
off nearly eight years early at a savings of 23 to 30% in interest costs!

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Discover how to save up to 100,000 on your mortgage. Just think of what you could do with the money you save. You can use the extra money to buy a new car, take a vacation, invest and still have plenty left to spare...

This Money Saving guide is a Fantastic way of learning something you REALLY deserve to learn!! Whether you currently own a home or are looking to buy in the near future, This EASY-TO-FOLLOW Money Saving guide walks you through the steps that could SAVE YOURSELF Thousands Of Dollars on your mortgage payments! This manual is a MUST read! Purchasing this manual is a small price towards a huge investment is what you will gain out of this! YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU PURCHASED THIS ONE!

Buying a house we want is a unique process...

Most of us do not have enough "cash" to purchase a home outright like we do a bill of groceries in the store. Like many other major purchases that we may make throughout our lives, we seek financing sources to make our purchase possible. We are the buyer and we are seeking to purchase from a seller. The seller has a price that he is asking and we have a price that we will pay. Many times the price that we will pay is different from the price that the seller is asking. We base the price that we are willing to pay on a variety of different factors and their combinations, respectively. Once we have agreed on our price with the seller of the home we wish to purchase, a deal or contract for purchase has been agreed on. It is now up to us to pay the seller for the home that we wish to purchase. This is when we "borrow" money from a lender in the form of a residential loan or mortgage. The lender that specializes in these types of loans is most often referred to as a mortgage company or the mortgage division of a bank, credit union or finance company.

poperty tax taxes home owner owners insurance find locate search for sale property properties time share rental rent renting renter rental rise high luxory fix up forsale buying agent century 21When mortgage lending sources loan money for individuals to purchase real property they want a guarantee that the individual will pay the money back, and to make a profit on the money it lends. Generally, the property that the borrower is purchasing serves as collateral, or property that the lender could repossess or take back if the borrower does not make good on the loan. The lender charges interest on the amount borrowed, over what they lent the borrower. This is the lender's profit and only reason for lending money.

Interest charged on any amount, whether it be lent on real or personal property, can be calculated using a variety of methods. Perhaps the method we are most familiar with is simple interest like we receive on our savings and checking accounts. When we deposit money in a bank we are in essence lending the bank money, and since they profit from investing our safekeepings, pay us interest. As with any business banks have a variety of different products and services available. They actually refer to their many types of loans as products. When we need to obtain financing for purchase of a home the most common type we seek is a 30-year fixed mortgage. The repayment schedule for a thirty year mortgage is attractive and the payments are as low or lower than rent in many cases. Unfortunately for our pocketbooks, 30-year fixed mortgages are the loans that banks make the most from!

Alternatively, 15-year mortgages can be obtained by borrowers that allow up to a 50% savings in mortgage interest paid on a 30-year mortgage. The problem is that the monthly payments price most owners right out of the reach of their "dream home" and would force them to settle for "much less" house than they could finance at 30 years. The general rule in real estate is the longer the term the more the cost; the shorter the term the less the cost.

"WOW... I will save almost $59,500 on my mortgage, $59,500!! You have no idea how my life has changed..."
Thanks so much, Mark L. Blightton

This Money-Saving guide will explore ways that could allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Imagine retaining the same exact monthly payment that you have now while saving up to 50% interest on your remaining 30-year mortgage payments. Even better and to top it off, what if while you were saving all that interest your principal was eroding up to three times faster and your equity was accelerating by up to 300?

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