Looking to buy a vehicle, but you have bad credit, divorced, bankrupt, repossed child support high creditcard bills?

Did you know you can purchase new cars like a honda accord, acura, bmw, mercedes, toyota camery, mitsubishi, jeep, Volkswagen and luxury vehicles cheap. Without financing, no credit check, loans and high finance interest rates.
Bankruptcy? - No Past Credit History? - Divorced? - Can't Get A Car Loan?
How To Buy A 1992-2006 Model
Car With Little Or No Credit
- and Save Thousands of Dollars in the process -
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Maybe you're just entering the workforce and have no credit at all?
You need a new car. But you don't want to pay the outrageously high
interest rates that are charged for "risky" loans...

Do You Suffer from credit problems...
No Past Credit History?
Late Payments?
Medical Bills?
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If credit problems keeping you from buying a vehicle, then this is a dream come true for new car buyers! You can get the 1992-2006 Car, Jeep, or Van of your choice. You don't have to settle for an older model that the dealer wants to sell you. Choose from thousands of distressed vehicles in you're area. Makes like Honda, Toyota, BMW, Ford, and more!

Using these Amazing Techniques in this instruction manual, an
individual can obtain a vehicle without a credit check and save
anywhere from $3,000-$5,000. There are no turn downs.

There's an alternative to conventional loans. Some companies exist that charge a large fee to put together a Buyer and an Assignee to purchase a car from a private individual. This money saving book explains how to use the process yourself and save the service fee!

First, there are five steps you'll need to follow. These are listed out for you. This book gives you a list of definitions so you'll understand all the terms used. Also, a suggested "Assignment Agreement" is included. What questions should you ask when you call a person about a car for sale? What are the Assignee's responsibilities?

This car buying information report answers these questions. It also includes a sample "Power of Attorney" agreement. You don't even need a downpayment. All you would have to make are low monthly payments for the remaining term of someone else's car loan that they couldn't afford.

Your approval is guaranteed even if you have had a past bankruptcy or repossession. Brokers charge $1,500 to 3,000 for this service, but you can do it yourself for such a great price.

The Following Reports Are Also Included In The Book:
- How To Get A Luxury Car Every Year
- Buying A Safer Car
- How To Get A Visa/Mastercard With No Credit Check

This book is available in a diskette version and a printed book version.
Car No Credit - Purchasing and Auto with No Credit Diskette: Only $14.95
Car No Credit - Purchasing an Auto with No Credit Printed Book: Only $19.95

All Orders Are Shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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