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Over 490 Firms That Offer 100's Of Different Work At Home Jobs...
Hundreds of Places That Pay You to Work For Them At Home!

Many Different Home Employment Opportunities To Choose. Whether you are 17 years old or 70 years old... Whether you are a man or woman... This is for anyone that is tired of being broke! Men and Women all across America are discovering a remarkable way to make more money than they ever made before through an exciting opportunity that our company provides. It's a virtually almost unlimited opportunity, for high income, personal fulfillment and lifetime security. It's an opportunity that you can succeed with little education and without any work at home experience. It's an opportunity for success! You can start in your spare time, while you keep your present job. These opportunities provides many different options for everyone.

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"People just like yourself are making good money working out of
their tiny apartments or homes... You no longer have to deal with
looking over your shoulder and telling you what to do!"

Why would I want to work from home?
- Because It's Very Easy and Extremely Fun!
- NO Limit On The Amount Of Money You Can Make!
- NO Selling Anything Over The Phone Is Required!
- NO Envelope Stuffing Is Involved
- Ever - NO Need To Quit Your Current Job!
- NO Special Training Is Needed!
- NO Experience Necessary!
- NO Big Investment! Be Your Own Boss!
- Set Your Own Hours You Want To Work!
- Family Members Can Assist You!
- Work In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
- Unlock Your Key To Success Today...
What do I receive:
You will receive our money making 65 page manual. It is designed so you can start making money from your home.The first class package that you will receive contains a 65-page easy start system titled: "65-pages To Making Top Dollars Working At Home Today- The 2007 Work At Home Opportunity Guide" Imagine quitting your job right now and making $90-$400 a day! Wouldn't that make your life a little more comfortable?

You can earn $1,000/month, $5,000/month,
$10,000/month or a whole lot more!
It's all up to you!

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In this Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step, Jam-Packed
65 Page Money Making Book You Will Discover:

- Over 490 Firms That Offer 100's Of Different Work At Home Jobs!
- Top Work-At-Home Opportunities To Get Started
- Top Ten Ways to Make Money Working At Home Today
- 100's of Firms That Pay You to Work For Them At Home
- 21 Easy Quick Start Steps to start Working at Home Now
- 36 Ways to Make Money With Your Telephone Today
- Over 69 Ways to Make Money Without Leaving Your Home
- 107 Additional Great Ideas to Make Money Working at Home Today
- 115 Ways to Earn Money With Your Personal Computer
- Insider’s Secrets From The Pros To Successfully Starting Easy
- A Couple Of Opportunities That You Can Start In No Time
- Additional Resources we have provided to help you get started Fast!
- and so much more is included in this money-making manual...

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Includes Reliable Telephone Numbers/Addresses of Small Business
Development Centers For Career and Business Advice... and more!

This book is available in a diskette version and a printed book version.
The Money-Making Work At Home Opportunity Guide Book
Diskette Version: $14.95
--- Printed Book Version: $19.95
Most orders are shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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