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How To Apply and Receive A U.S.
Patent Quickly and Easily!

Information and Functions of the Patent and Trademark Office

how to get a patent. learn patant laws and process for patentsAre You Going Banana's Trying To Patent Your New Invention?

A patent is the best legal protection for an inventor, so if you think you have discovered a new way of cooking without fuel or a better computer keyboard that will put you on easy street, you will need a patent. Patents, through the federal government, give a person the exclusive right to make, use and sell an invention for a definite or limited period of time. The U. S. Constitution gave Congress the exclusive power to deal with all matters relating to the issuance of patents. The law recognizes that the inventor has a natural right to make, use and sell his invention or discovery. After an invention becomes known to the public for a year, however, it will become public property if the inventor does not have a patent. When the patent expires, the invention will become public property freely available to anyone who wants to use, reproduce or sell the item. Because of this, it is important to apply for a reissue of your patent before it expires.

If you think you have a great invention and want to have it patented, you must file an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The process can be complicated. Your idea must be explained clearly to a patent examiner to determine whether it is new and useful. You must have an illustration of the device in action. Many people hire patent attorneys, which can be very expensive, to make sure that their patents conform to the U.S. Patent Office rules. If you get a patent, your invention will be assigned a unique number and you alone will have the right to sell your device.

* Sell the patent rights to your invention to an interested company or investor.
* License the rights to use, manufacture and sell your invention.
* Prevent anyone from using, selling or making your invention.

This book was written exclusively for Obtaining A Patent Quickly And Easily... The purpose of this 50-page book is to give the reader some general information about patents and the operations of the Patent and Trademark Office. It attempts to answer many of the questions commonly asked of the Patent and Trademark Office but is not intended to be a comprehensive textbook on patent law or a guide for the patent lawyer.

Consequently, many details are omitted and complications have been avoided as much as possible. It is hoped that this book will be useful to inventors and prospective applicants for patents to students, and to others who may be interested in patents by giving them a brief general introduction to the subject.

This manual covers general information about Patents and
the operations of The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office. It
explains in an easy step by step format.

This 51 page booklet contains the following information:

United States Patent and Trademark Office Laws, Regulations seal, commerce weight legal law* Functions of the Patent and Trademark Office
* Purpose of this Manual
* What is a Patent?
* Patent Laws
* What Can Be Patented
* Novelty & Other Conditions For Obtaining A Patent
* The United States Patent And Trademark Office
* Publications of the Patent and Trademark Office
* General Information and Correspondence
* Depository Library, Search Room Searches
* Attorneys and Agents
* Disclosure Document
* Who May Apply For A Patent
* Application For Patent
* Oath or Declaration, Signature
* Filing Fees
* Specification (description and claims)
* Drawing
* Models, Exhibits, Specimens
* Examination of Applications & Proceedings In The Patent
* Trademark Office
* Amendments to Application
* Time for Response and Abandonment
* Appeal to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interference to the Courts
* Interference
* Allowances & Issue of Patent
* Nature of Patent & Patent Rights
* Maintenance Fees
* Correction of Patents
* Assignments & Licenses
* Infringement of Patents
* Patent Marking and Patent Pending
* Design Patents
* Plant Patents
* Treaties and Foreign Patents
* Foreign Applicants for United States Patents
* Fees And Payment

Why pay an attorney thousands of dollars to obtain a patent? This book
contains everything you need to know to secure and protect your invention.

This book is available in a diskette version and a printed book version.

Patents: How to Get A Patent Quickly and Easily
Diskette Version: $14.95 --- Printed Book Version: $19.95

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